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- Christine Reymond -

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- Geo-Globe: Interactive Geography !

Six interesting interactive games, for a group of beginners from last form of primary school or lower secondary school. Each game consists in questions, sometimes with hints, and the students have to find the answer. I tried the first two :
Geo-find is a multiple choice question about geography, and when you choose the right answer, you get links to this place and you can check your answer and learn more.
Geo-quest is a questionnaire about an animal. You click on the questions, you use a dictionary to understand the answers, and then you try and suggest an answer. If you don't find it after asking all the questions, the game gives you the answer. My animal was an "aardvark" I had to search the internet, using the right key words and browsing through the answers to find out what it looked like.... These games could be an excellent group work activity for the end of the year... [ ps : an "aardvark" , c'est un fourmilier, mais je ne l'ai pas trouvé dans mon dictionnaire!!!]

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- Teach it !

Des pages intéressantes sur Shakespeare. Annie Gwynn sur E-teach nous signale leur nouveau moteur de recherche, et nous conseille aussi de voir leurs suggestions de cours sur les pubs et les articles de journaux. asp e=1#spelbank

- Un TPE histoire/anglais

Vietnam Passage: Journeys from War to Peace. Tells the stories of six Vietnamese people and an American journalist: their connection to the Vietnam War and their lives since. Also has a lot of information about Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City), tourism in contemporary Vietnam, a teacher's guide, and links to other resources. Companion site to a PBS documentary of the same title.

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- Coupe du Monde de Football

La Coupe du Monde commence cette semaine. Voici quelques sites pour parler du football, suivre les évènements et découvrir la Corée et le Japon.

World Tournament
This site from Football league Premium TV, features all the details about the calendar, the teams, the players, and the matches. You'll find there also audio recordings of some players and the audio reports of the matches. Also available, some games (the most interesting are paying) and a
sweepstake, complete with the rules of the game and the cards to print.

Des collègues ont aussi préparé des documents directement utilisables :
- en collège : Yves Gouast vous a préparé cette fiche de travail pour débutants, en collège ou même en primaire : sheet.doc
- en lycée : Annie Gwynn a conçu pour ses élèves ce puzzle sur les expression de football, et quelques autres exercices : _becks.htm
- pour les étudiants plus avancés et les enseignants non experts de football, Daren Rigby a envoyé ces explications sur le vocabulaire du football dans le sweepstake (jeu en ligne sur le site) sur la liste e-teach :
" On the cards, you can see informations about the predictions of success of the teams. Here it is:
"in with a shout", "have a small chance...", "pants", "crap", "dark horses ", "unknown quantity, may well cause a surprise" whereas "outsiders" : "not tipped to be in among the prizes, very little chance".

World Cup 2002
This other address contains mostly figures and results and is much less interesting.
( note in those two sites the use of "team" for the group of players who will play, and "squad" for the complete group (including those who will not play) ).

World Cup Archive
On this site you'll find :
- in "the nations" : guides to all the countries in competition.
- in "legends" the bios of the most famous players.
- in "mascots" all the past mascots (France's looks best!)
- in "quizzes" three levels of 10 multiple choice questions. (information : Claude Covo-Farchi on e-teach)

First consider this acronym : is it a strange mixture of French and English, or an unusual order of French words to make the accronym sound better ? FIFA = Fédération Internationale de Football Association. Did you know that FIFA headquarters have been in Zurich (Switzerland) since 1927 ? M2:gp:514036:67173+futuro/eduprog/9700/gp -fifaorg
(copy and paste both parts of the address...)
You'll also find on this page useful charts of the organisation (pour STT et BTS tertiaires)
on the site you'll also find :
- the history of the FIFA ,fact sheets, surveys, and a history of the game
- FIFA development work, including the unescapable quality concept (yes, even in Football!!!)
- in "regulation" don't miss the page about doping ( 30 pages in .pdf)
- in "law of the game" you'll find the latest regulation and the referee signals in english, french, spanish and german.(.pdf)
- very short milestones ( from 1580 till 1997) and the details of the amendments /index_E.html
- the complete rules of futsal, indoor foofball ex_E.html
- best player of the year : dex_E_2001.html
On this page I also found mention of :
"A teenage Ghanaian player, Sumaila Abdallah, will receive a FIFA Fair Play diploma for having saved the life of an opponent with the kiss of life when the latter was knocked unconscious in a local match in Ghana. "
- and don't forget to visit the fair play page ayday98.html
it is a bit old, but you'll find the code of conduct and the history.

Fifa World Cup
On this other site, you can see the mascot, hear the official music

Official Japanese website for the event. You'll find there:
- the rules for the spectators : see the prohibited items!
- the latest news
- the tips to find an accommodation.

World Cup Japan Korea
On this site I liked :
- the "media" pages. You'll see there all the mascots of the World Cups.... es1/mascots.htm
- the world cup history ifa_world_cup_history.htm

The BBC page. Don't miss the complete TV/Radio coverage ! You'll also find there the best pages about each team, with articles, interviews and videos. 2/default.stm

The CNN page. Articles and interviews. At the moment, less interesting than the BBC Site. world/2002/world_cup/

Staying in Japan Hotels
Links towards the hotels in all the match locations. You'll see the stadiums, the places of interest in the towns and the complete descriptions of the hotel facilities. There are no more accommodations available now, but you didn't plan to really go there, did you ?

Japan National Tourist Information
You'll find there how to get around, places to visit, tourist guide, including a list of places for Cherry Blossom wieving ex.html
and a site about Eating Out
including :
- Japanese cuisine (with pictures)
- where to dine (with interesting cultural explanations)
- a short and easy "how to eat" about the correct use of chopsticks
- and a drinking etiquette, which invites you to share your bottle of beer with the people around you, and start a conversation, since "even small talk in broken English, with the aid of body language, can be very enjoyable" !!!!

Espn Soccer
"Sa-kka's coming home" is an article by an englishman living in Japan, who tries to measure the impact and the possible consequences of the meeting of different cultures. id=211475&lang=en

Life in Korea
On this site, you'll find very little about the World Cup, but interesting infos about Korea, although conversely to the above ones, it is american.
- what to see (with a map, and special entries for bouddhist temples, wildlife parks...and football venue ! :
- what to eat (with photos) cfm
- interesting pages about traditional drinks ol/alcohol.cfm
- and the drinking etiquette, even more complicated than the Japanese
one..and don't forget to bow! ol/alcohol.cfm?Subject=etiquet

Other pages of links =377

To conclude
The website in English and German about the preparation of the 2006 World Cup! ml

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