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- Christine Reymond -

- "A fun guide to bikes" (from Education World )

A guide for American under-tens, that could be used with the teacher in primary school, or by the pupils themselves in secondary school. the sentences and the vocabulary are simple, and the subject usually works well with pupils, especially boys.

- Schools endorse Beanies for Students ( from TheSchoolDaily ),1008,1 223801a1800,FF.html
An interesting article about a headwear I didn't know was popular among pupils in New Zealand (it is a cap without a rim). Read how the school officials integrated it in the uniform instead of forbidding it....and thus ended the fad ! A strategy to be discussed with your students....
And to know more about beanies, here is a historical view : p/cap-bean.html

- Attestation EUROPRO

Les collègues de LP et BTS seront intéressé par cette expérimentation de l'attestation EUROPRO délivrée à des étudiants ayant effectué leur stage professionnel dans un pays anglophone. Elle ne concerne encore que peu d'établissements, mais sa généralisation pourra permettre de valoriser les élèves qui acceptent des stages à l'étranger. 20530/MENE0200961A.htm

- Les évaluations : les outils nationaux 2002-2003

Un article essentiel à lire absolument. Dans cet article du B.O. n°19 : les évaluations diagnostiques, les évaluation bilans, la banque d'outils (on en a déjà parlé) et même les bilans au niveau international (mais ça ne concerne pas les langues). Vous y trouverez la suppression de l'évaluation de début de seconde, remplacée par une évaluation bilan en fin de troisième; et l'évaluation de fin de primaire. 20409/MENK0201038N.htm

- End of year activities

The end of the year is coming near, an many of you are looking for end of the year activities. Here are some ideas :
- Write a letter to next year students (from yves Gouast on e-teach)
Ask your students to write a letter summarising the work done this year in your class, and giving advices and tips regarding what they can expect to live next year with you. This will also provide you with precious informations about what your students think of the activities you have organised during the year.
- Drama
Ask your students to write and act a short play, featuring a lesson in your class. This will show you how they saw you as a teacher, and what they think of the atmosphere in your classes. Be careful though : their remarks might be rather straightforward, and you may not like it.....;)
- On Education World lesson184.shtml
a page of ideas, mainly for primary school. lesson268.shtml
the "write a letter" idea stated above comes from this page. You will find there a lot of other useful ideas for all levels....
In last year's Infonews s/125.htm#End-of-the-year%20Activities
Recommended on etni ( ) s/lesson-10952.html?wtlAC=gs050201,e

- Epreuves BTSI 2002

Dès le soir des épreuves, Jean Claude Viel avait mis les sujets en ligne sur son site: s/sujets00.htm
vous pourrez aussi trouver d'autres précieuses infos sur son site :
et aussi sur le site du Pole de compétence nationale "anglais et technbologie du CRDP de Haute Normandie, dont Jean-claude est un membre très actif : puis "anglais et technologie"

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- Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
A program for kids on PBS television offers various activities for young children. You can access to songs, and coloring pages, to color online or off line. What I like most are the stories : the serie : how ...are made? where you can see the video, or stills and written explanations, and then you have to put the pictures in the right order and tell the story. .htm
or you can put images in the order you like, and invent your own story

- Alphabet learning ( )

American people are great fans of alphabet learnoing and spelling contests. Here is a way of learning the alphabet and a few more expressions, like ' Cat starts with a C' .
For young beginners. et/index.htm

- Sing the Alphabet Song ( )

Another great site for youngsters, here you'll find a Flash animation paired with a soundtrack supplied by a preschooler. As kids press the letters of the alphabet on a keyboard, the site displays the letter and the child sings it out loud using the familiar "Alphabet Song." "Now I know my ABCs, next time won't you sing with me" ? [ complete with flash animation, the letters as they are said, and the full song! ideal for young beginners, even for non-readers.] ies/school005/school005.html

- What lives in the water?

On this page you'll find links to various lessons, activities and ready-to-use documents. I liked the Pond Mini-books, with the names of the animals and the noise they make. You can then transfert it to oral, including it into a song like Old Mac Donald had a pound, and in this pound there were some ducks....Or do it the other way round : start from a visit to a pound in French, then teach them the song just by ear, and finally give them the mini-book to color and read. This way, they will start reading with the correct pronounciation. o/k_2theme/index.htm

- Poems

A page of poems and poetic activities, which can be used from primary school upwards. kids.html

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- B2K

Discover a new boys' band, rap style, but not as bad as they look. Talking about them could be a good idea for this end of year period. It is the type of music the pupils like, and they are approved by parents! They are very young (15 and 16) but they are clean, and even promote homeschooling, a good opportunity to introduce the pupils to this type of teaching which is more and more widespread in the US. I discovered them through this article in "Time for Kids", very simple and easy, you can even use it in primary school.....

Getting the 411 on B2K
[ simple questions, easy and funny answers, and informations about this group which differ radically from the usual interviews of groups which stress their rough background. ] tory/0,6079,236526,00.html

Website of the group
There you can hear some of the songs, and read their bios. (more difficult than the article, but informative. Plutôt pour troisièmes ou lycée.

Previews of the songs /album/0,,1645905,00.html

B2K interviews and videos on
[ Since I couldn't find mention of it on MTV France, I suppose the group hasn't come to our part of the world exciting for your pupils to know about a group before anyone talks about it in France!!!!] html

References mentioned in the "Time for Kids" article
- 411 is the phone number to get "White and Yellow Pages information" . In everyday language, they tend to use 411 as a synonym of 'informations about'.
- "chitlins" are some kind of tripes, are part of what's in an andouille saussage. You can read all about it on this page, and discover that "Chitlin sausages are also a delicacy in France"......!!!! html
As for the other type of food mentioned, you know them all : octopus, calamari...and caviar....
- Lyrics of Baby Girl %20Girl/
- Lyrics of Hey, little Lady 20Little%20Lady/
- Lyrics of B2K is Hot 20Is%20Hot/

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Tout le monde réfléchit à la mise en place des IDD. Voici quelques suggestions:

Anglais/techno (from Sonia Durand sur E.T. lyon)
"Il est aussi possible de travailler avec le prof de techno sur la conception d'un trivial pursuit en anglais."

Anglais/musique (from jean Sahai sur eteach)
pour un itinéraire anglais/musique, allez visiter cette page de liens : vous y trouverez sûrement tout ce que vous cherchez... -pedagogie_music.html

Anglais/SVT : Les Volcans (par Christiane Caillot et Françoise Villaret)
au Collège Jean-Moulin, 92360 Meudon-la-Forêt, en classe de 4°. Un dossier complet pluridisciplinaire avec le plan du travail : objectifs,ressources et la mise en oeuvre : lais/clg/volcanoes

Anglais/maths/français/CDI : Vie Scolaire et Citoyenneté ( from Olivier Colas)
au Collège du Parc-auc-Charrettes, Pontoise (95300)

Le projet éducatif européen « 4 x 4 Internet Connections », en partenariat avec le Comté du Surrey au Royaume Uni, la province d'Utrecht aux Pays-Bas et la Région de Lüneburg en Allemagne s'est déroulé sur deux années scolaires et concernait deux classes de 5ème/4ème. Le projet est pluridisciplinaire et collectif de même qu'il permet aux élèves des pays concernés de se connecter à Internet, de communiquer entre eux, d'échanger des informations, de créer le site web de leur collège, de bâtir un travail commun sur un thème sélectionné et de le concrétiser par un journal multilingue mis en ligne. Les articles sont rédigés soit en français soit en anglais. Le thème choisi par le collège du Parc aux Charrettes de Pontoise est celui de la « vie scolaire et citoyenneté. »
Les trois axes essentiels :
1) la création des pages de présentation du collège (historique de la ville et du collège, carte d'identité de l'établissement, etc.)
2) Un travail sur la création de pages web avec tous les clubs du collège avec la diffusion des différentes créations pour qu'elles soient accessibles à tous.
3) Le lancement d'un journal du collège en ligne.
Pour en savoir plus sur ce projet : les conditions de la réalisation, l'intégration dans les disciplines, la place des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication dans la discipline, l'évaluation du projet par rapport aux objectifs du projet initial, les acquis des élèves, les difficultés rencontrées, les perspectives, etc. Le projet et le site en ligne : lais/joinin/4x4.htm

Anglais & arts plastiques : Cross Cultural project (from Olivier Colas). French Culture in the USA and US Culture in France Online collaborative art and language arts exhibition. This cross-cultural project connected two multicultural classrooms, one in France and one in the U.S.A., through the use of the Internet and created an international link between pupils. The goal was to broaden writing skills, focus historical research, explore artistic contributions, refine drawing skills, and compare daily lives of peers in two different communities. This project was an outgrowth of Dr. Blackwell's experience in an international artist exchange program. It is through this networking effort that two groups of pupils learned together and saw how their lives have been affected by each one's culture. The opportunity to explore a different culture through the eyes of children their own age is a rare opportunity. Pupils communicated through e-mail using words and through "snail" mail sending graphics, drawings, leaflets and documents. This enabled pupils to communicate in various modes that promote their learning strenghts (visual, linguistic, tactile, spatial). It was great to end the school year with such n international exchange project. Cresthaven Elementary School (USA) was selected as a recipient of Company Educational Foundation's Grant in Education for the French Connection Project encouraging creativity and initiative in the classroom. Pour en savoir plus :

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