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- Christine Reymond -

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- MLK Day : January 20th

MLK Day and Black history month:
on Infonews, you can find three pages about MLK and Black history month, the first student worksheet features the story of Melba Patillo, the first black student to integrate an all white school...and it was really difficult for her!
Reading those 9 pages is like working on a short story, and the fact that it is online helps the students to go to the end of this document sthat most of them would just refuse to read if it were on paper.... martinlutherking.htm

Autre lien incontournable sur MLK : le site de l'académie de Versaille lais/civi/mlk.htm

Compléments indiqués par Olivier Colas on e-teach:
Martin Luther King, Mark Oliver
The story in links
He had a dream - and the US remembers it today on Martin Luther King Day. Read our guide to the best sites on America's most famous civil rights campaigner.,3858,4 340025,00.html

Martin Luther King Day 2003:
January 20th is Martin Luther King Day. We have articles, lesson ideas, books, activities, and much more -- all to help you meet your holiday needs - in this updated archive page! rchives/mlking_2000.shtml

Education against Terror: (from Jean Sahai)
Born, Jan 15th1929 : Martin Luther King Jr.
Killed, Jan. 31, 1948: Mahatma Gandhi
More this year than ever, January has to be nonviolence awareness month in our classes, and the net offers lots of class resources on this crucial subject:voir sur la page d'agreg la rubrique "Education against Terror" dexAD.html

Jim Crow Laws:
Rise and fall of Jim Crow : an excellent site from PBS, full of useful information.

MLK Day of service:
To learn the notion of service, which is becoming more and more important in the US.

A resource from Evelyn Vittoz on e-teach:
Here is a ressource about a lesser known (at least to me !) action he helped organize in Memphis: m/lessons/memphis_v_mlk/memphis_v_mlk.htm l

Les nouvelles ressources sur Internet    [ Haut ]
- 2002 retrospective (from Spring Teachers)

CNN Special Report
The Best Pictures Of The Year
Persons Of The Year 2002 /
BBC News In Depth 2002 _depth/html/default_2002.stm
(you can also find country profile link in the menu bar)
Google's timeline for 2002 .html
Really excellent!!!!!!
Those useful resources were provided by János Blasszauer, a spring teacher from Hungary and , Susanne Pratscher a spring teacher from Austria. Remember that you can still register for the project and work with this fantastic spring team and their classes: _spring.cfm

- Famous people

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (from [LIIWEEK] January 2, 2003)
This site includes information about this Springfield, Illinois, facility and its architecture, a Kids Page with background information about Lincoln, material about Lincoln's family, selections of Lincoln's wit, a chronology, a bibliography, and links to additional resources.

Einstein (from [LIIWEEK] January 2, 2003)
This online version of an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY, highlights the life, scientific discoveries, and humanitarian activities of Albert Einstein. /

Pour le prof    [ Haut ]
- Teaching Practice in Washington from C-Span (from Jean-Marc Dumont)

CSPAN chaîne de TV d'information américaine que l'on reçoit très bien en Europe sur le satellite Hotbird à 13 degrès Est et qui offre ses programmes libres de droits aux établissements scolaires du monde entier offre des bourses d'études aux professeurs de collèges et de lycées qui utilisent CSPAN dans leurs classes. Cette bourse couvre tous les frais d'un stage de 4 semaines qui a lieu à Washington au mois d'Août. Cliquer sur "teacher fellowship program", vous avez jusqu'au 14 mars 2003 pour vous inscrire. Le site maintenant accepte des professeurs hors des Etats-Unis. Ce stage est animé par des journalistes américains. Si vous n'avez pas d'équipement de réception satellite les programmes de CSPAN sont offerts en streaming vidéo sur le site.
Pour en savoir plus voir et poser votre candidature voir :

- Alsic

The new edition is online presenting the last state of researches on language learning and new technologies. You can read the article in PDF. See: .htm

- Lessons tailored to the learner, not the teacher (from PEN Weekly NewsBlast for December 13)

Federal law requires schools to create individualized education plans (IEPs) for special-education students, but says nothing about everyone else. Schools in Maryland, Vermont and Virginia, among other states, have adopted these personalized plans for regular-education students. The idea has gained so much momentum that Washington state schools Superintendent Terry Bergeson recently suggested reating "accelerated learning plans" statewide for seventh-graders who don't pass the Washington Assessment of Student Learning. The learning plans, which basically involve getting parents, teacher and student to draw up a list of goals and ways to reach them, have yielded numerous benefits. Parents say they feel like they're "part of the solution." Administrators say the plans are effective communication tools, building bridges between school and home. The plans are notorious for devouring special-education teachers' time. For most teachers, the problem is not the concept of an "individualized education". It's that managing a batch of education plans can seem like a second job. "It's more work for the teachers," said Principal Benjamin Wright. "But that's too bad. In the long run it's best for the kids." ucation/134593043_edplan10m0.html

Primaire    [ Haut ]
- Learn to read (from Brigitte Cadaureille on e-teach)

A really nice website for young learners. The owners of the website are poet Susan Polis Schutz and her husband." This site designed to young English speaking pre-reader is a nice way to make primary school children discover the sounds of English. Through little children stories and interactive books, the children will learn how to read and pronounce English words and sentences. It is aimed at very young children, but the words are written, the letters are isolated and pronounced, and the sentences read. An excellent way to learn English and discover the pronunciation.

Collège    [ Haut ]
- Musique et Chant en classe d'anglais

Jean-S. Sahaï présente aux lecteurs du Café une section de la Page d'anglais et d'agrégation, son travail commencé en 1996 depuis la Guadeloupe. Cette semaine : la section Musique et Chant en classe d'anglais : Pourquoi chanter? Comment chanter? Que chanter? On lira avec délectation l'article d'Alain Nowak qui tire le fil didactique PROSODY, SONG &... PRL : "En musique mesurée, on n'échappe que rarement à la loi qui fait tomber les temps forts de la mesure sur un accent. C'est là une coïncidence heureuse pour le prof de langues..." De l'alphabet chanté en anglais à la composition d'un orchestre symphonique, en passant par les nursery rhymes ou l'observation du present perfect dans les chansons des Beatles... on trouvera là une foule de suggestions pratiques pour sortir du chant en ch¦ur précédé de vocabulaire. Avec bien entendu d'innombrables liens vers des sites sur la musique, l'orchestre, les groupes, textes de chansons... Signalons aussi sur le site une section "La musique et leurs humeurs" qui fait état de recherches assorties de suggestions pratiques sur l'influence que la musique peut avoir sur le caractère et le comportement des élèves... Voir en particulier l'article "Positive results with background music in difficult classes". Page d'anglais et d'agrégation depuis la Guadeloupe
Section Musique -pedagogie_music.html
Section Musique/Humeurs -pedagogie_musicadouci.html

Lycée    [ Haut ]
- Food and Nutrition

Snack Attack: Coping With Cravings (from [LIIWEEK] January 2, 2003)
Cravings may be physiological or psychological, sensory or emotional, an addiction, or a sign of serotonin deficiency; this article briefly discusses the differences and offers coping tips for easing cravings and for diminishing guilt feelings. An article to include in a unit about eating habits, compulsive eating and food addiction. 0783.htm

The Edible Monument: The Art of Food for Festivals (from [LIIWEEK] January 2, 2003)
"Ornate edible architecture and sculptures were often created for celebrations in the cities and courts of early modern Europe." Illustrations from the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries of these "ephemeral masterpieces" and of street feasts, festivals, and elaborate table wares and settings are the subject of this Getty Research Institute exhibition. Look for Harsdörffer's illustrations of piegatura, baroque napkin-folding. For those interested in the history of banquets and table decoration. The site shows pictures from the 15th century or older, and comments helping to understand what the pictures show. tal/ediblemonument/

Dossier spécial    [ Haut ]
- Human cloning

BBC offers a poll with a short but comprehensive heading presenting the last news and the problem, and then you can read people's reactions, and add your own: /2610993.stm

PBS has also started a site on the subject, where students can read interesting comments in "can we?" and "should we?" and the "science sidebar" offers definition of all the technical terms in simple words. This site will interest all students, and will be especially useful to those studying biology. /should_we.html

CNN offers a full chronology of cloning and in "related" you will find an ***excellent animation showing the details of the cloning process. There is also a short description of the Raelian movement (don't forget it originates from France!) But remember that CNN videos are not longer on free access... human.cloning.chrono.reut/
On CNN Europe, you can find an article entitled : "One shouldn't do this!" and in "related" three interactive sites : a chronology, the above mentioned description of the cloning process, and "cloning for treatment"

CBS also has a special report page with interactive presentation of the DNA story and several videos of the news. 6/tech/main505541.shtml

The Guardian features an article on how the law can be turned to allow human cloning rs/story/0,11026,868947,00.html
don't miss the links at the end, especially the link to the special report about ethics of genetics,2759,3 95698,00.html
like CNN, it offers a flash animation on how cloning is done:,5860,5 34450,00.html
and another one on the genome project:,5860,5 34450,00.html

The Tribune of India features a long article with a drawing of the cloning process 2/science.htm#1
the article has an interesting structure, with the traditional for and against parts, "last but not least" and the risks with lots of "may".

ABC News from Australia stresses the fact that South Korea offered its help: wsnat-5jan2003-67.htm

the EU also presents an article about the position of Chirac and some other EU countries: ALLER=NHP_EN_NEWS&ACTION=D&SESSION=&RCN=E N_RCN_ID:19485

The address of the Raelian cloning company is : but I wouldn't encourage you to visit it or give more publicity to this very small religious sect which has already got more than really deserved through this fantastic "coup de pub"!

If you want to tackle religious issues, I would rather advise you to use this interesting and moderate article from the Jamaica Observer presenting the muslim position in a comment of the AFP news from Cairo (Egypt): /20021230T020000-0500_37338_OBS_MUSLIM_SC HOLARS_GRAPPLE_WITH_HUMAN_CLONING_ISSUE.a sp

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