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Édition du 07-04-2005

- Christine Reymond -

- A la Une : In the Calendar....

Au calendrier du mois d'avril, trois dates à noter:
- Earth Day le 22 avril
- Pinhole Day le 24 avril (pour primaire et DNL physique)
- TV Turn Off Week du 25 avril au 1er mai

Voici quelques adresses pour présenter ces sujets à vos élèves.

--> Earth Day le 22 avril

Official sites

Posters to download and print cle.php?articleid=1 (check that you find a large colour printer, or go to the local printing shop...)

Organizer's guides
Download this full .pdf guide to learn about Earth day and how to take action in your class, your school or your community. For those who really want to get involved and make things (and mind) change. ces/edog_book.pdf
This other guide is in .html format. The content also aims at supplying ideas and resources to those who want to organise an event for the day, or help raise money. s.html

Ecological Footprint Quiz
"This Ecological Footprint Quiz estimates how much productive land and water you need to support what you use and what you discard. After answering 15 easy questions you'll be able to compare your Ecological Footprint to what other people use and to what is available on this planet." asp

Green year Book
for advanced students. Read about treaties and protocoles on this site devoted to international cooperation on environment and development.
There is also a page of interesting links to various official sites. See for example the page about sustainable development -ind.htm dev.htm

Earth Day printable student worksheet
brainstorm 15 activities to conserve and recycle, and then consider which ones they would be most likely to follow through on. See if you can pick one as a class to carry out for your community or
school. m
[ to use with one of the above sites.]

Earth Day word search and hidden message n.pdf

Links to sites to prepare Earth Day in primary school ay/index.html

other links to Earth Day earthday.htm ( my page for my students)
<> nvironmentHome.html
<> me (activist site)
< g=_e> g=_e
[ Earth Day seems to be an American project, this last site advertises for the 5th of June as "World Environment Day"....]

--> Pinhole Day, april 24th
This could be a projet for primary school children, who could study this in physics (transmission of a picture), handicraft (making of the camera obscura), art (taking photos), and cultural exchange (choose one of the groups in the list of schools involved in projects, contact them and exchange tips about handicraft and the results of the class project.)
Parfait aussi pour les TPE et les DNL anglais/physique.
in French : "journée internationale de la photographie au sténopé", but there is no workshop in France, and there are no projects yet...
[site in several languages]

--> TV Turn Off Week du 25 avril au 1er mai
A partir d'une idée lancée par Marie Winn en 1977 dans son livre: 'The Plug-In Drug', trois associations ont lancé cette 'semaine sans TV' : TV Free America aux USA, Media foundation (Adbusters) au Canada, puis White Dot en Angleterre. Voyez les sites: (voyez les vidéos) (with lots of links to useful texts) turnoff/ (don't miss the spots!) asp (the international campaign against television)
une page de statistiques pour réfléchir: s/tv&health.html

Pour le prof    [ Haut ]
- Bloggies: Weblog Awards

[LII New This Week] du 24 mars nous propose d'aller visiter le site des blogs élus par le public. Si les blogs vous intéressent ou vous interpellent, allez voir ceux-ci pour leur contenu comme pour leur design... "The Bloggies are ... publicly-chosen awards given to weblog writers and those related to weblogs." View award winners and nominees back to 2001, when the award program started. Categories have included best blogs in particular regions, writing, design, photography, humor, blog tagline, topical blogs (such as food and politics), lifetime achievement, and more.

Primaire    [ Haut ]
- New Zealand Class seeking ePals

Riverdeep's Classroom Flyer du 31 mars diffuse la demande suivante, qui pourrait vou intéresser. N'hésitez pas à le contacter directement. "I am an ICT facilitator and Ed Tech Lecturer. I have enjoyed the Classroom Flyer for several years and find it a wonderful help in my work with teachers. One of my teachers wants to set up a classroom email exchange with students from another country. She would like to compare aspects of culture between the two classes and promote telecommunication with an educational focus. Currently this teacher is working on a Diploma in Education Technology at my institution. She has a class of 32 year 5 students; these are students aged between 9 and 10 years old. I wonder if there are any teachers who would be interested in this? If so please contact me at:
Angie Simmons, Program Director, Graduate Diploma in Education Technology, Auckland, New Zealand

- Handicraft templates to download

Cliparts to download
colorful, carefully drawn cliparts to illustrate your documents and your pages rt/

3D templates to print and build
have a look at the circular time chart on this site, plus several other 3D visual documents to download and print. Interesting for primary school, but also for other levels. "anatomy of a vulcano", "globe", "how eclipse work". Some of those 3D models require some handicraft for the teacher, but they seem worthwhile. aft/science/timetable_e.html
If you like this type of handicraft, you can go on to the next step, building a model Tour Eiffel or Tower Bridge...but it seems much more complicated... aft/building/index.html

Collège    [ Haut ]
- Faire composer des poèmes

Riverdeep's Classroom Flyer du 25 mars propose ce site superbe pour découvrir et apprendre à rédiger toutes sortes de poèmes "from Limericks to Tongue Twisters, or Haikus to Backwards Poems." poetclass.html

Un modèle à imprimer pour aider les plus jeunes à composer des poèmes, tout en découvrant les techniques de la description et des rimes. o/reproducibles/litplace/w970818a.htm

Des idées d'activités thématiques pour introduire la poésie dans les cours et en faire produire aux élèves. o/lessonplans/plibapr.htm

Lycée    [ Haut ]
- Smaller, Smarter, Sexier: The New Cell Phones

"It's impossible for anyone but the most extreme technophiles and the idle rich to keep up with all of the new cell-phone features and models on an ongoing basis. Let us help. Check out the latest designs and applications including video, VoIP and Flash graphics." (from Howstuffworks). Pour apprendre les dernières infos sur les portables à la mode. utile pour les sections technologiques, et pour tous ceux qui s'intéressent aux portables. bile.htm

Sortir    [ Haut ]
- Bobrauschenbergamerica à Bobigny

Allez voir Bobrauschenbergamerica, une création de la SITI Company, New York sur un texte de Charles L. Mee et dans une mise en scène de Anne Bogart, une production SITI Company, New York, en partenariat avec les Productions True Love, avec le soutien de l’ONDA. Spectacle en anglais surtitré du 13 au 17 avril 2005, du mercredi au samedi à 20h30 / dimanche à 15h30, MC93, Bobigny. on/22_bobra/index.htm

Dossier spécial    [ Haut ]
- School Shooting in an Indian Reservation

News articles and reports
Here are some articles depicting the event and giving some kind of profile for the young boy who shot:
- CBS News 1/national/main682075.shtml
with lots of videos, and references to other shootings)
- BBC News 617.stm
(with a video report, related links, and a timeline of school shootings)
- Los Angeles Times nation/la-032205school_lat,0,506250.story ?coll=la-home-headlines
a comprehensive article)
- ABC News 4405
(a three page article)
- USA Today -03-22-redlake-inside_x.htm (a full report with links)
- The Washington Post
'shooter described as deeply disturbed' icles/A61483-2005Mar23.html
'Teen Faced Cultural Obstacles And Troubled Family History' icles/A64315-2005Mar24.html
- The New York Times
'Signs of Danger Were Missed in a Troubled Teenager's Life' /1369447/posts

TV coverage of the event fileName=redlake-high.wm (6pm Monday night) fileName=March2005/red-lake-wrap-high.wm (10pm Monday night)

fact sheet about the Chippewas wa_kids.htm
The reservation and the tribe e.htm
'More About The Red Lake Indian Reservation' 0213605.html

A weblog, with lots of links =26194

Links to Violence in Schools
The page I update regularly since Columbine. violenceinschools.htm
The latest contributions are the films Bowling for Columbine and Elephant, and, you can't miss Mickael Moore's pages with a teacher's guide to the film and several extracts, including a Linking Park cartoon and an interview of Marilyn Manson. ry/teachers/index.php /clips/index.php

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